Syngonium Mottled

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Syngonium Mottled

The Syngonium Mottled has arrow shaped leaves which make the plant very unique. This Mottled is a very strong plant which makes it easy to ship without any chances of damage.

Light and water
The Syngonium Mottled is an easy plant that has a good shelf life. It makes little difference whether they are kept in a sunny or shady place. However, it should be borne in mind that variegated leaves have a greater light requirement than green-leaved varieties, at least if one wants to keep the variegated color. In addition, they can handle dry air astonishingly well, even though they prefer a moist growing environment. If you want to keep a Syngonium Mottled as a climbing plant, the stems must be tied up regularly.

The care is very similar to that of the Philodendron. An ordinary potting soil is sufficient, provided it contains a reasonable amount of organic material, such as peat and leaf soil. The soil must be kept moist, but at the same time it must be well drained. Should it nevertheless happen that the root ball dries out, then that is no reason to panic. The plant is more resistant to drying out than to too much water.
As with many plants, some food is administered every few weeks. Fertilizing should especially not be forgotten when the pot is completely filled with roots.