Senecio Rowleyanus Variegated Hanging Basket

  • Hanging basket
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Is it jewelry, stones, or peas? One of the most distinctive looks in all of plant life can be seen in Senecio Rowleyanus, Variegated, String of Pearls. This succulent allows its “strings” to elegantly hang over the sides of containers where they are decorated with tiny orbs, giving them the appearance of a string of pearls, berries, or other ornaments. The marbling effect of the green, cream, and purple-pink colors on the spheres in this variegated variety adds even more intrigue. When looking for succulents, the variegated variety is more challenging to find because it grows very slowly.
In order to prevent rot, make sure to let the String of Pearls dry out completely between waterings. The morning sun and afternoon shade are best for this plant.