Philodendron Red Anderson


  • 15CM pot
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The magnificent Philodendron Red Anderson boasts striking red stems and large leaves. Red Anderson, a climbing tropical plant, thrives when given something to cling to, such as a moss pole. This striking plant, known for its unpredictable white and pink variegation adorning its ample dark leaves in a wide array of patterns, should be situated where it can bask in bright indirect light, while protecting it from the harsh effects of direct sunlight.

Red Anderson enjoys well-draining soil, and when it comes to watering, it’s advisable to let the top layer of soil dry out before applying fresh moisture. Beware, overwatering can lead to root rot issues. Due to its tropical heritage, Red Anderson favors a humidity level ranging from 60% to 90%, though it can also thrive within the 50% to 70% humidity range, as do many Philodendrons.

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