Philodendron Ilsemanii


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  • 15 CM pot
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The Philodendron Variegata, a stunning member of the Araceae family, boasts rare beauty with its captivating mint-green variegation. To thrive, this plant requires indirect or filtered sunlight. It flourishes in well-draining, slightly moist potting soil. Maintain room temperature water for this delicate plant, avoiding extremes that could cause temperature shock. Allow the topsoil to dry between waterings and ensure no excess water collects in the pot to prevent root rot. Ideal humidity levels for the Philodendron Variegata range from 70% to 90%. Daytime temperatures between 21-29 °C and nighttime temperatures above 12 °C are recommended. Boost growth during the growing season by adding fertilizer to the watering regimen every two weeks. In the fall and winter, reduce watering and skip fertilization.