Philodendron Florida Beauty


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A hybrid combination between a Philodendron Pedatum and a Philodendron Squariferum produces the incredibly rare Philodendron “Florida Beauty.” The leaf is extremely finely colored since each leaf is uniquely colored and what distinguishes the plant from others. It is green with cream and white undertones. The plant also features broad, feathery leaves that are joined to long, beautiful scarlet stalks. The plant is a climber, therefore as it ascends higher, its leaves will get bigger.

The location should have enough of indirect light and be protected from strong winds and direct sunlight for the plant to grow at its optimum. The leaves’ striking colors may fade under excessive shade. Its leaves may burn if the light is too strong. It can attract pests like sprint or louse when placed in a draft. Additionally, well-drained soil is preferred for the Philodendron Florida Beauty. During the growing season, keep the soil just a little bit damp.

The Florida Beauty Philodendron doesn’t have many requirements for humidity or temperature, but in general, the higher the better. This wonderful plant may develop very quickly if the temperature is above 25°C and the humidity is greater than 70%.

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