Monstera Thai Constellation

  • 17cm pot
  • Top Cutting
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This uncommon Monstera is simple to grow indoors and has lovely yellow spots on its leaves. Each leaf looks different, as if someone painted yellow freckles with a brush on the leaf. It’s origins are in southern Mexico and Panama. If you want this plant to develop neatly in a circle in your room, it is best to rotate it because its leaves move with the sunshine. The term “Thai Constellation” relates to Thailand, a country where these plants are widely farmed and well-known. Compared to the white variety, this Monstera is less prone to scorched leaves, making it simpler to maintain.This Monstera Thai Constellation is a top cutting and comes in most cases with 2 leaves and the variegation as presented in the example pictures. The roots are stable and ready to thrive in your home!


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