Monstera Obliqua Peru


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  • 15CM pot

Monstera obliqua Even in the wild, there are only few Peru plants, which are incredibly rare. The Monstera Adansonii, often known as Monkey Mask, and the Monstera Obliqua are frequently mistaken. The Obliqua Peru has more holes than the Adansonii, frequently more holes than leaves, making this the primary distinction. The plant is more sensitive than other plants with holes because the holes cover around 90% of the leaf surface. The plant looks even more unique because of the slightly tattered leaves.

This plant’s name pretty much says it all—Monstera is a native of Central and South America. It is a little Monstera that is challenging to locate. The leaves can get considerably larger but not as large as Adansonii. This is because the plant has fewer chloroplasts because there is less leaf surface. The Obliqua is a natural climber. The plant can generate offshoots without leaves to search for a foothold, so it is best to affix it to a moss pole.