Monstera Minima (Rhapidophora Tetrasperma)

The Monstera Minima (Rhapidophora Tetrasperma) is a beautiful plant that grows quickly and give you new leaves before you can blink your eyes!

Monstera Care tips


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The plant has a special growth habit, laterally instead of most plants that grow in height. It is a naturally highly vining plant. The uniqueness of this plant is that it shows holes in the leaves from an early age. This is in contrast to the popular Monstera deliciosa. The Monstera minima is also a fast grower. Perfect for plant lovers who love to see their plants grow.

Taking care of this plant is not difficult and therefore suitable for everyone. Place the plant in a light position, because it likes a lot of indirect light. The plant likes moist potting soil, but with too much water, because it quickly gets yellow leaves. So be aware of overwatering. These correct conditions will ensure that you will quickly see leaves growing. This plant will also do well in locations with less light, the plant will only grow a little less hard.