Monstera Esqueleto


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  • 21cm pot

Adolf Engler published a description of the rare Monstera epipremnoides in 1908. The plant is native to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Central America. The numerous holes in the leaf of this Monstera make it unique. The arum family includes the plant Monstera Epipremnoides. Although it resembles Monstera adansonii, this plant has more of a unique appearance due to its unusually bigger leaves with more and larger holes in them. The leaves have a leather-like texture and are glossy and light green in color.

This plant was typically found behind big trees in the rain forest, therefore it enjoys high humidity and filtered sunshine. When fully grown, it is believed that this plant may produce leaves that are 35 to 55 cm long.

This plant is getting more and more expensive because of its distinctive appearance. Right now, supply is less than demand. You know you have something special if you currently have this plant in your home. Because of its air roots, you may force this plant to grow and ascend. They among other things grow up against tall trees in the wild. They can’t become bigger without the support of something sturdy, like a tree or, say, a moss pole. so you may decide for yourself what shape the plant is!