Monstera Creme Brulee


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  • 15CM pot
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The Monstera Creme Brûlée, a captivating hybrid of Monstera Thai Constellation and Albo, is a standout within the Monstera family. Creme Brûlée earns its name from the exquisite cream variegation that adorns its leaves, reminiscent of the delectable dessert. This variegation, however, is not purely creamy; it elegantly alternates with fresh green hues across the entire leaf.

To enhance the radiance of these leaves, it’s crucial to provide Monstera Thai Constellation Creme Brûlée with ample, direct sunlight. Regular watering and the use of well-draining soil that can retain moisture effectively are essential to its well-being. Monstera Creme Brûlée truly shines when given the care it deserves.