Hoya Silver Dollar


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  • 10.5CM pot
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Discover the captivating Hoya Silver Dollar, a coveted and unique variety within the esteemed Hoya plant family. This charming houseplant stands out with its elongated, silver-dollar-like leaves, shimmering elegantly like precious coins. As one of over 200 species in the Hoya genus, the Silver Dollar exemplifies the striking beauty that home gardeners can delight in.

A true treasure for any plant collection, the Hoya Silver Dollar adds a touch of sophistication to your indoor space. Its alluring foliage shines bright, becoming the center of attention in any room. Embrace the allure of the Hoya Silver Dollar, a remarkable representative of the diverse and enchanting Hoya family. Elevate your botanical haven with this stunning houseplant and revel in its captivating beauty. Explore the magic of the Hoya Silver Dollar and watch it flourish as a cherished gem in your plant collection.

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