Hoya Deykeae


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  • 10.5CM pot

This exceptional Hoya originally hails from Sumatra, where it thrived in a lush rainforest. It was initially named Hoya Dekei, in honor of Deyke van Donkelaar. However, this name didn’t conform to the rules of the ICFN, and it was subsequently altered. Deykeae, as we shall call it, takes on the shape of a Hoya kerrii but exhibits the vein colors reminiscent of a Hoya callistophylla. Genetically, it shares more characteristics with a Hoya vitellinoides.

The blossoms of Deykeae exude a delicate fragrance. They come in cream-white or yellow hues and bloom in clusters. Deykeae plants often produce multiple clusters of flowers simultaneously. This plant is rather rare and is scarcely available for purchase, primarily owing to its relative obscurity. You won’t easily come across this unique specimen at your local garden center. Exercise prudence in watering, as Deykeae is highly sensitive. It prefers a slightly drier environment over being too wet. Overwatering can swiftly turn its leaves yellow. All in all, Deykeae is relatively straightforward to care for and is known for its ease of blooming.