Hoya Carnosa Nova Ghost


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  • 10.5CM pot

Hoya carnosa ‘Nova Ghost’ is a fascinating sport of the renowned Hoya carnosa ‘Argentea Princess.’ It’s important not to confuse ‘Nova Ghost’ with Hoya carnosa ‘Grey Ghost,’ introduced by B.L. Cobia in the 1970s, which has a slow growth rate. On the contrary, ‘Nova Ghost’ thrives easily, boasting shorter leaves compared to ‘Grey Ghost,’ and features shorter spaces between the leaves along the vine. Embrace the allure of Hoya carnosa ‘Nova Ghost’ as it graces your indoor space with its unique charm and easy-going nature. Experience the delight of nurturing this remarkable plant, and let it become a star in your collection of cherished Hoyas. With its distinctive characteristics, Hoya carnosa ‘Nova Ghost’ is truly a gem to behold.