Homalomena Camouflage


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  • 15CM pot

A distinctive indoor plant, Homalomena Camouflage has broad, waxy, glossy variegated leaves in a range of green tones. It would be a great conversation starter in a house or business and a considerate present for someone with a military experience as the foliage resembles army fatigues! Homalomena houseplants thrive in medium to high light levels, but can also tolerate low light. Spots on the leaves might become burnt when the foliage is exposed to too much sunshine. Its maintenance will also include a regular watering regimen. Homalomena plants dislike both dryness and being soaked in liquid. Saturate the ground while ensuring optimum drainage. The ideal soil for Homalomena houseplants is semi-porous, peat-based, and humus-rich.