Cissus Discolor

  • 15cm pot
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The Cissus is a strong houseplant that provides more greenery and atmosphere in the house. The Cissus comes in many different varieties and can be kept both as a climbing plant and as a hanging plant. The two most sold varieties are the Rotundifolia and Discolor. You can recognize the Rotundifolia by its fresh green, round shiny leaves. The Discolor is slightly more exclusive and you can immediately recognize it by its purple leaves and silver leaf markings. Cissus comes from the Greek word kissos, which means ivy. The Cissus is also called the King’s Vine. The Cissus is native to East Africa and falls under the vine plants. It is related to the well-known grape, but don’t expect grapes, the Cissus has other qualities. It is a graceful plant that, due to its narrow shape, is perfect in small corners at home.