Begonia Chlorosticta Hybrid


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  • 10.5CM

Meet the Fascinating Begonia chlorosticta: A shrub-like beauty native to the lowland forests of central Sarawak, where it thrives on damp cliffs and rocky slopes. This begonia first found its way into cultivation in 1967 under the name B. U038, before eventually being formally recognized as Begonia chlorosticta. The allure of Begonia chlorosticta lies in its elliptic-shaped leaves, adorned with olive green hues, chartreuse blotches, and striking red veins. Reaching heights of up to 30cm, this begonia boasts elegant white flowers that add to its charm.

But the intrigue doesn’t end there! Begonia chlorosticta comes in green, red, and black forms, making it a captivating puzzle to discern between them, especially when young. Embrace the wonder of this begonia species as you delve into its distinctive traits and grace your space with its mesmerizing presence.