Anthurium Regale


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  • 15CM pot

An unusual houseplant that has recently gained a lot of popularity is the Anthurium Regale. This plant is very attractive due to its huge velvet leaves with silver veins. While growing in popularity, the plant is still quite uncommon. One unique houseplant is the Anthurium Regale. This Anthurium is adored mostly for its leaves, despite the fact that other Anthuriums are known for their stunning blooms. The dark green, heart-shaped leaves with eye-catching silver veins. The prominent ‘ears,’ also known as lobes, of the Anthurium Regale are its primary distinguishing feature.

Peru is where the Anthurium Regale originated. In the wild, the plant can reach a height of 4 meters and have leaves that are 2 meters long. You’re on the right track because the variation on has leaves that are around 50 centimeters long! Anthuriums primarily grow in the shadow, protected by larger plants. This plant may absorb extra good light in the shade due to the dark hue of the leaf. Special!

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