Anthurium Luxurians


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  • 15CM pot
Described by Thomas Croat and Richard Cirino in their 2005 publication, Anthurium luxurians is a truly exquisite plant. This species boasts bullate leaves that undergo a remarkable transformation as they mature. In their youth, new leaves display a pale hue that deepens as they grow. The progression encompasses a spectrum of colors, from pink-red to brown-blue, ultimately settling into various shades of green, ranging from a lush green to an almost ebony hue.

Anthirium Luxurians is a slow-grower, but it seems to embrace its unhurried pace with grace. This Lowland Tropical plant thrives in low-light conditions, making it quite manageable for plant enthusiasts. Its striking appearance resembles a dark, glistening gem, befitting its name. Imagine leaves that can stretch up to a remarkable 40-60cm in width and reach lengths of up to 65cm—truly a botanical marvel!