Alocasia Scalprum

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  • 15CM pot

Introducing the Alocasia Scalprum – a must-have for every plant lover. With this unique and rare plant, you’ll possess a gem that sets you apart from others. It excels at removing formaldehyde, the most common harmful pollutant in our home and work environment, ensuring a healthier atmosphere.

Not only does the Alocasia Scalprum boast air-purifying talents, but it also offers effortless care and irresistible allure. The leaves, with their unusual mask-like outline and glossy deep green surface, captivate all who behold them.

Find the perfect spot for this enchanting beauty in a bright location, ensuring it thrives, but remember to shield it from direct sunlight. Embrace the joy of nurturing this exceptional plant, enhancing your space with its unique charm and elegance. Alocasia Scalprum is a prized addition to your collection, and you won’t encounter anything quite like it anywhere else.