Alocasia Heterophylla


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  • 15cm pot
  • Mature roots

This Alocasia Heterophylla species of Alocasia has blue-green leaves with an arrowlike form. A leaf can reach a height of around 25 cm and has dark green veins. The species name “heterophylla” comes from the fact that the shape and color of the leaves can vary between plants (and even within one plant) (diverse leaf). The species is native to the Philippines, where it is primarily found in coastal tropical woods. frequently on slopes where the soil contains a fair amount of lime. Since the relative humidity there is between 60 and 70 percent, a lower indoor relative humidity has less of an impact on the plant. In the tropics, the Alocasia Heterophylla can grow as large as 50 cm, but as a houseplant, it typically stays a little smaller. Provide a well-drained soil and a bright area away from direct sunshine. To replicate the Philippines’ native habitat, mix in some lime. Although the plant enjoys routine watering, it is better to wait a little while before watering again.