Adelonema Palidinervium


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  • 15CM pot

Aroid Adelonema pallidinervium is a rare member of the Araceae family. The anise-scented crushed vegetative tissues and the chartaceous, frequently variegated leaf blades that characterize the genus Adelonema. Silvery colored veins are visible in the strikingly patterned leaves of A. pallidinervium. Low light levels are preferred by these plants. Because it poses a risk of burning the foliage, they cannot endure direct sunshine. However, bright diffused light is required for variegated forms in order to preserve the ornamental pattern of the leaves. 20 to 25 °C is the ideal temperature for growth. High humidity is required for this species. The leaves get distorted, improperly unfolded, and dry on top and at the edges in dry air. However, they dislike being sprayed because doing so will cause fungal infections on the foliage.