How do we pack your order?

As we are shipping plants, we know how important the packing is. It can be very disappointing when a plant arrives with broken leaves and you’re left with a rescue mission instead of a beautiful healthy plant.

1. Taping the soil

In order to keep the soil in place, we tape the whole top layer of the pot. If it occurs that the plant is upside down, the soil stays where it’s supposed to be. Giving the plant the nutrition it needs.

4. Filling up and ready for shipping

In the last step we fill up the box with wrapping paper for more comfort for the plant and protection. We always add plant passports and a GrowJungle greeting card, and finally your plant is ready for shipping. As soon as we hand it over to the postal service, you’ll receive a track & trace code on mail. NB! Check your spam folder.

6. The plant goes on it’s biggest trip yet

The plant is shipped trough our postal services, and will be arriving in your home any moment! Mostly this takes 3-5 business days, but sometimes it takes a little longer. We work hard for the plants to arrive as quick as possible. Once it arrives, you have to release it, and give it good care. Remember: the plant has been through a lot of stress, so be gentle. Congrats with the new baby.