UK | Brexit

We constantly get questions about how we handle the Brexit and if there will ever be a chance for you to order from us again.

GrowJungle has successfully shipped packages to other countries outside of the EU, many times. We therefore plan to ship our packages to the UK. It’s currently unknown when this can take place, because it takes some extra time to prepare everything. We want the process to be as smooth as possible, for the sake of the plants. 

In the past year we have shipped a lot to the UK. However, the Brexit made it more complicated to continue to ship to you for now. We therefore put all the UK orders on hold until we get some clearer answers. In the past weeks we have been in contact with our postal partners Sendcloud and DPD, to ask for guidance. 

Update (04-02-2021) Today two of the packages sent to the UK arrived successfully! This means we can slowly send more packages to the UK. We have a lot to catch up on, but we will start with this shortly. When the package arrives you’ll be asked to pay 25% tax over the amount of your order. Unfortunately there is nothing we can change about this. If you would rather not pay the tax, we still offer to cancel your order free of charge. Please email us. 

Sendcloud creates our customs documents. They’re also not ready yet for the packages to arrive to the UK with the correct import and export documents. Their system do not accept packages going to UK yet, and therefore we are forced to hold on a little while longer before shipping your orders.

What now? If you have an existing order with us, we kindly ask you to sit tight with us. We are also unsure how the situation will proceed, but we understand you are waiting on your plants. As soon as Sendcloud is ready to ship packages to the UK, we will firstly send out some test. As soon as these packages arrive in good shape, we will start processing your orders.

VAT We have received many questions of the possibility of additional shipping or customs costs. As soon as we have tested our packages into the UK, we can tell you more about this.

Hopefully this takes away questions around your order, and if there are still questions or if you are thinking to cancel your order, please contact us.

Thank you for your patience and stay healthy.

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