Pruning is not a requirement for houseplants, but can certainly have some benefits. This can be a nicer growth, prevent sprawl and they can bloom in a much fuller, beautiful way than if you don’t prune. 

It’s not a secret that removing yellow, brown or dead leaves and stems is smart for your plants growth. The plants spend all the energy trying to save these “beyond saving” dead growth, instead of giving new growth to your plant. Therefore pruning is good for both new leaves and stronger older leaves of your plant. Basically pruning is like getting rid of the less pretty leaves, so that you can choose which leaves get’s to decor your room. 

You should prune the plants at the beginning of the growing season, late winter and early spring. You should always prune away the dead stems and leaves no matter the season. 

How to prune:

Use a sharp knife or scissors so that you don’t crush the stems. In most cases a 45 degree cut is the best, this ensures that there is as less stress to the plant as possible. For some plants it’s ideal to save the stems as new growth will come from a different point. Make sure to work in a clean environment, that the tools are sterilized so that you won’t give your green friends any diseases. 

In the cases where you take out healthy growth, you can propagate these.  

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