diseases and how to treat them

It’s one of the saddest, but most common things to happen to our plants; an attack of a disease. It’s something that makes our plants sad, unhealthy and will prevent them from growing to their full potential. It doesn’t mean all hope is gone, only that you as a plant caretaker have to help your plant out. Here are some of the most common diseases for our indoor plants, and how you can treat them to make sure your plant stays healthy.


Cause: too dry soil and air

Looks like: yellow and black or brown spots on leaves

Cure: neem oil and or insect spray and predatory bugs.


Cause: too moist and too less air circulation 

Looks like: white fungal fluff on the plant’s leaves and stems

Cure: milk and neem oil

White flies: 

Cause: the soil and air is too dry

Looks like: white little flies on the underside of the leaves of the plant

Cure: neem oil and or vinegar

Scale insect: 

Cause: too dry soil and air

Looks like: small brown insects on stem and leaves

Cure: ice water, green soap, neem oil.


Cause: too damp soil over time

Looks like: root system with blackened areas and stunted foliage.

Cure: remove rot and use a preventative treatment.


Cause: over watering and too high level of nitrogen soil

Looks like: small white insects with a fluffy white coating

Cure: remove manually with rubbing alcohol or insecticide.

Fungus gnats: 

Cause: too moist soil

Looks like: small black gnats on top of the soil of your plant

Cure: dry out plant, put white sand over the potting soil. Or invest in nematodes (worm that eats gnats).

Spider mites: 

Cause: too warm heated homes

Looks like: fine webbing on underside of leaves.

Cure: isolate plant, prune damaged leaves and clean infected plant with soapy water or an insecticide.

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